When you’re carefully cleaning and disinfecting your home, consider the benefits of cleaning your air with germicidal UV lights in North Las Vegas, NV. These are the lights you’ve seen glowing in restaurants and medical facilities, helping neutralize airborne contaminants with their ultraviolet light.

    Germicidal UV Lights in North Las Vegas, NV

    At Polar Air & Heating, Inc., we provide UVC lamps that fit inside your HVAC system, treating the air as it passes through and reducing bacteria, virus, mold spore, and other biological growth. Germicidal lamps are part of our total approach to improving your home’s air in North Las Vegas.

    Germicidal UV Lights in North Las Vegas

    Our skilled technicians understand the role of germicidal UV lights in protecting you and your home from biological contaminants. By carefully locating these powerful UVC lamps inside your system so they treat your air as it flows through, they also make sure that they aren’t directly visible and don’t affect delicate filter material. With proper installation, lamps provide a year or more of service. When you schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit, we’ll check on your germicidal UV lights and other air quality components as well. As mold, algae, and other growths are reduced in your HVAC system, cleaning it out each year will be easier as well. By the next maintenance time, you should be noticing improvements to allergies, mold growth, even odors in the air. As the air is cleared you’ll start to notice fragrances more and even just enjoy clean air!

    Do you need to add germicidal UV lights to your HVAC system? Think about these issues:
    • Airborne pathogens
    • Odors and chemical fumes
    • Mold and mildew growth in your home
    • Reactions to airborne allergens
    Lennox UV Germicidal Lights

    Your HVAC UVC Lamp Experts

    Lennox Premier DealerPolar Air & Heating, Inc. customers in North Las Vegas know who to turn to for HVAC updates as well as services and equipment. We take care of all types and brands, and our company is a trusted Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and Lennox Premier Dealer with top-quality HVAC systems. We’ve been here keeping families cool in the desert since 1998, taking care of comfort and indoor air quality. We use UVC lamps along with a selection of complementary technologies depending on your family’s needs, and we’re glad to explain any HVAC technology. After all, our team is well-trained and great at customer service! You can call on us for quick service, emergency HVAC care, and help with your remodeling, addition, or new construction HVAC needs.

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    Our Polar Air & Heating, Inc. HVAC team provides UVC lamps in North Las Vegas to help you breathe easier. Call today! We also provide heating services, cooling services and indoor air quality services in North Las Vegas.