Clean air in your home isn’t just more breathable, it carries fewer contaminants thanks to germicidal UV lights in Henderson, NV. These UVC lamps are installed by Polar Air & Heating, Inc. technicians in your HVAC system. They neutralize bacteria, mold spores, and other material that would otherwise land and multiply on your home’s surfaces.

    Germicidal UV Lights in Henderson, NV

    It’s time to reduce your home’s airborne allergens, pathogens, and other health concerns with powerful UV light that’s used in industry. Carefully tucked inside your HVAC system, you’ll notice the effects of germicidal lamps in your Henderson home.

    Expert Installation of Germicidal UV Lights in Henderson

    When you’re cleaning your home to avoid mold and bacteria growth and other concerns, have you thought about your air? Germicidal UV lights are used in contamination-sensitive industries like the medical field and food service to provide protection against airborne biological material. From mold spores to bacteria and viruses, powerful UVC lamps neutralize their ability to replicate and grow in your home. When airborne transmission is significantly reduced, so is growth around your home from bathrooms to kitchens, and the effect on your allergies and respiratory concerns as well.

    Our technicians install UVC lamps inside your HVAC system where you can’t see the blue glow directly. As air flows through, the powerful energy cleanses your indoor air. Proper placement of UVC lamps can also reduce growth on your evaporator unit and coils, further improving your air quality and reducing algae growth in your condensate drain. UV protection is a great way to enjoy your air, reducing odors and letting you experience fragrances cleanly!

    Do you need to add germicidal UV lights to your HVAC system? Think about these issues:
    • Airborne pathogens
    • Odors and chemical fumes
    • Mold and mildew growth in your home
    • Reactions to airborne allergens
    Lennox UV Germicidal Lights

    Your HVAC UVC Lamp Experts

    Lennox Premier DealerYour trusted, BBB A+ rated HVAC equipment and services source in Henderson is Polar Air & Heating, Inc., well-known around town since 1998. We’ve earned the roles of both Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and Lennox Premier Dealer, giving you access to top quality HVAC products and services. We take care of any type of home HVAC system, with a fully trained and experienced team that’s ready to respond in a timely manner. For emergencies, call us and we’ll be on our way. As your expert comfort and air quality company that knows how to handle desert temperature swings plus ozone and wildfire smoke, we have answers for you.

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    Clean, hygienic indoor air makes a big difference in your home, and our Polar Air & Heating, Inc. germicidal UV lights in Henderson help make it happen. Call us for air quality help! We also provide heating services, cooling services and indoor air quality services in Henderson.