Ductless Systems in Las Vegas, NVIf you are looking at replacing your AC system in your Las Vegas, NV home, you may want to take a second to explore the benefits of ductless systems. We know people in Las Vegas require AC the same way people in Alaska require heat- it just isn’t an option if you want to live comfortably in your home. The Mojave Desert is not something to mess around in, but neither are our ductless systems that provide reliable and energy-efficient cooling. The obvious benefit of installing a ductless AC unit is that you don’t need to worry about the current condition of your ductwork, which is a surprising issue for many homeowners who don’t realize they are losing over a third of their cool air to leaks. However, there are additional benefits that are worth considering if you want a new, highly efficient ductless AC unit for your Las Vegas home.

    Premium Ductless Air Conditioner in Las Vegas

    The most attractive attribute of many ductless AC units is the fact that they don’t require ductwork. For new home construction, removing ductwork from the equation can actually reduce the total cost of AC installation. In general, ductless systems are easier to install and easier to maintain since they are connected to the outdoor unit via piping and electrical wires in lieu of ductwork and piping and electrical wires. They also allow you to heat or cool your home’s rooms individually, so that you create temperature zones that can work independently of each other. If you frequently find yourself fighting over the thermostat with your significant other, ductless systems may be the perfect solution.

    Benefits of ductless systems:

    • Higher energy-efficiency
    • Quicker installation process
    • Cleaner indoor air quality
    • Less maintenance requirements

    Find Out More About a Ductless AC Unit Today

    Find Out More About a Ductless AC Unit Today

    If the idea of ductless systems is intriguing, then it is time to contact Polar Air & Heating, Inc. to talk about your options. We offer a free consultation and detailed estimates to all of our Las Vegas clients to help eliminate any surprises. Polar Air & Heating, Inc. prides itself on transparency and ensuring that our customers are comfortable with the services or ductless systems prior to installation. Our excellent customer service shows in our A+ rating from the BBB and the fact that we have faithfully served the Las Vegas region for over two decades.

    Our team also installs ductless systems in:

    Wondering if a ductless AC unit is the right choice for your home? Contact Polar Air & Heating, Inc. today to schedule your in-home consultation.


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