What a difference you can make in your home’s cleanliness with germicidal UV lights in Summerlin, NV! A lot of what grows on your surfaces and inside air ducts is manageable with a UVC lamp. These are powerful lights that emit a blue glow of ultraviolet light that’s used in many industries to keep contamination from the air.

    Germicidal UV Lights in Summerlin, NV

    Our Polar Air & Heating, Inc. technicians install them out of sight in your HVAC system. Your circulating air is constantly cleansed of pathogens and allergens that can duplicate and grow in your home. Germicidal lamps neutralize bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and other material. It’s a great way to improve your Summerlin home’s hygiene.

    Expert Installation of Germicidal UV Lights in Summerlin

    The energy of ultraviolet light from our germicidal UV lights disrupts the reproductive cycle of pathogens, allergens, and other biological material that’s airborne in your home. Our skilled technicians install these UVC lamps, designed for optimum safety and performance, inside your system so you’re not directly exposed to them. At maintenance time each year, as part of your overall checkup, we’ll test and renew the lamps as needed. After a year’s operation, your ducts, filters, evaporator coils, and other parts of your air handling system will need much less cleaning from the growth of these undesirable organisms. It’s a great clean air solution for your home, part of our custom air quality solutions. Since UVC lamps also affect odors and VOC chemical fumes, you’ll not only breathe easier, your family will enjoy fresh air and fragrances more in your home.

    Do you need to add germicidal UV lights to your HVAC system? Think about these issues:
    • Airborne pathogens
    • Odors and chemical fumes
    • Mold and mildew growth in your home
    • Reactions to airborne allergens
    Lennox UV Germicidal Lights

    Your HVAC UVC Lamp Experts

    Lennox Premier DealerSummerlin homeowners know about our Polar Air & Heating, Inc. leading HVAC products services. We’re BBB A+ rated, and both a trusted Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and Lennox Premier Dealer. You get access to the top quality HVAC products and services available with our direct manufacturer connection. We service all brands and types of home HVAC equipment, helping customers here in the desert stay cool during our hot days, and warm when the temperature drops so sharply. Since 1998, we’ve been the comfort and air quality experts, and we’re constantly training on the newest technologies and equipment. Call on us for prompt service and emergency care, as well as new equipment installation including systems for new construction.

    Germicidal UV Lights solutions also offered in:

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    Use germicidal UV lights in Summerlin and discover the difference in your air and cleanliness! Call Polar Air & Heating, Inc. today to find out more. We also provide heating services, cooling services and indoor air quality services in Summerlin.