Heat Pump Replacement in Henderson, NVThe cost of a heat pump replacement in Henderson, NV, varies widely, so it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate without an assessment of your home. Your home’s insulation, size, and structure influence how much a heat pump would cost. Getting the right size heat pump is important to prevent problems with short cycling, indoor comfort, and energy efficiency. Polar Air & Heating, Inc. can help you choose a new heat pump in Henderson that’s right for your home.

    Considering a New Heat Pump?

    You wouldn’t want to replace your heat pump too soon, but you also don’t want to wait too long. Old heat pumps can die at the most inconvenient time. Repairs for older systems tend to be more expensive as well. If your heat pump breaks down more than two times within a one-year period, this is a sign it needs to be replaced. Old systems eventually reach the point that repairs don’t last long and are no longer worth your money.

    Considering a New Heat PumpHot spots or cold spots in the home are another warning sign that you need a new heat pump. If the system is under 10 years old, then it probably just needs a repair. Poor indoor comfort also means your system either needs repaired or replaced.

    Benefits of replacing your heat pump:
    • Lower energy bills
    • Better indoor comfort
    • Compatibility with smart thermostats
    • Improved home resale value

    If you don’t replace an old heat pump quickly enough, your system could drive up your energy bills. You also don’t want to deal with the stress of not knowing if the system will completely fail on you during winter or summer when the temperatures aren’t as moderate.

    Heat Pump Replacement in Henderson

    At Polar Air & Heating, Inc., we provide the lowest price guarantee on Lennox systems in Henderson because we’re a Lennox Premier Dealer. Our team is committed to excellence and we make it a priority to arrive on time for appointments and leave customers with a positive experience. Our company has won several awards for our outstanding service. Customers have given us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well. Part of why we’re able to provide such excellent service is we have NATE-certified technicians. We can offer financing options for new installations upon approved credit.

    Polar Air & Heating, Inc. has been in business since 1998. With our longevity and qualifications, you know that you can count on us. Contact us to schedule an appointment to replace your heat pump or discuss your options. We also can help with your heat pump repair or maintenance services.

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