Heat Pump Maintenance in Paradise, NVThere are many good reasons to get heat pump maintenance in Paradise, NV, not the least being the excruciating summers. You don’t want your system to break down in the middle of that season. Additionally, it can be dangerous to pass the winter without a heat pump tune-up. Thankfully, most HVAC companies offer spring and fall maintenance to ensure that homeowners stay comfortable all year.

    The benefits extend beyond comfort, though, as there are financial incentives, too. If your heat pump has a warranty, chances are the manufacturer wants to see if professionally maintained at least once a year; otherwise, it won’t cover the cost of repairs. In addition, a well-maintained system runs efficiently, which translates to a more reasonable monthly bill and fewer repairs. And imagine not needing to replace your heat pump for 20 years! With maintenance, it’s possible to keep it running for that long.

    Paradise’s Best Heat Pump Maintenance Team

    As a responsible homeowner, you probably change your unit’s air filter on a regular basis, and perhaps you clean the compressor outside once in a while. Other heat pump maintenance tasks will require a professional, though.

    You can expect a tune-up to include:
    • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
    • Electrical wiring inspection
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Checking for loose or out-of-balance components

    The technician will also lubricate motor bearings, test for good airflow, and replace worn-out parts. Small replacement jobs likely won’t require a second appointment, but others may. You won’t be obligated to set up that second appointment, however.

    Leak inspections are an essential part of maintenance. The technician will look for air leaks in the ductwork as well as refrigerant leaks in the refrigerant line and reversing valve. Refrigerant leaks, in particular, must be addressed right away since they pose a health hazard.

    In all, the tune-up should only take a couple of hours. At the end of the appointment, the technician will write out a report of what was done and how that should improve the heat pump’s performance.

    Professional Heat Pump Tune-Up Experts

    Professional Heat Pump Tune-Up ExpertsAt Polar Air & Heating, Inc., we have close to 25 years of experience keeping Las Vegas homeowners cool during the summer, and we’ll apply what we’ve learned to your situation. You can expect personalized maintenance and friendly customer care at every step. Our technicians can work on any make or model of heat pump.

    Our location is in Las Vegas, at the corner of West Smoke Ranch Road and North Tenaya Way, and we’re known for our prompt response to calls. We invite you to sign up for our service agreement, which gives you maintenance with advantages like priority scheduling and 20% repair discounts.

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    Get in touch with Polar Air & Heating, Inc. today for more details. We can also handle your heat pump installation or replacement as well.