September 15, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Your furnace is an essential system in your home, especially during the chilly winter days in Las Vegas. The best way to ensure your equipment does not break down during the cold season is to observe routine maintenance. Ideally, you should schedule a tune-up before winter. In this article, we explore the process and benefits of fall maintenance.

Boost the Efficiency of Your System

Furnace maintenance is essential to keep your heating system running efficiently throughout the cold season. There are routine tasks you can perform to prepare your equipment for winter.

One critical maintenance task you can do is to clean or replace your filter once a month. Ensure there are no obstructions around the outdoor unit or the vents in the interior. Anything blocking the airflow can overwork your equipment.

The thermostat is the center of your heating system. So it is wise to ensure that it is working correctly before winter. If you suspect the readings are incorrect, check the device location. The heat from direct sunlight or other indoor sources can change the temperature readings.

Reduce the Risk of a Break Down

Many problems can crop up during the lifetime of your furnace. Fall furnace maintenance can spot issues at the earliest stages.

The tune-up process may involve checking connections, lubricating moving parts, and testing system controls. A certified technician has the experience to spot signs of failing components. They apply sophisticated tools and the latest techniques to ensure a thorough evaluation process.

Professional maintenance service in the fall can prevent costly repairs in the future. It prevents your system from breaking down prematurely. Polar Air & Heating, Inc.’s furnace maintenance team in Las Vegas is NATE-certified and always up to the task.

Keep your Home Safe and Free from Hazards

During the chilly winter nights in Las Vegas, there are many combustion activities taking place. Cooking, lighting, and heating in the interior can be dangerous to occupants without a functioning safety system.

Routine maintenance in the fall also involves checking your fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Faulty detectors can increase the risk of CO poisoning if there is a fault in your furnace. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so it is advisable to ensure the detectors are working.

Additionally, your maintenance technician will inspect the burner, heat exchanger, and venting system. Faults on those parts of your heating system can compromise your home’s safety. A professional maintenance technician will fix crucial components to keep your home free from hazards.

Enhanced Comfort and a Quieter Operation

Problems such as limited airflow, leaky ductwork, and faulty components can compromise interior comfort. Your heating system struggles to meet the needs of your home. In turn, your equipment deteriorates at a faster rate.

As your system struggles to heat your home, it may make noises that can be loud enough a nuisance. The strange sounds from your furnace could point to different types of faults. The motor’s bearing may need lubrication.

Rattling sounds within your system can be a sign of improper connections. Old and worn-out belts can make loud squealing noises.

Regardless of the fault, a certified furnace technician can quickly spot the source of the problem. During the tune-up, our professionals will ensure the system is running without glitches. [Company_name]’s technicians in Las Vegas have the expertise to restore your furnace efficiency for a quieter operation.

Boost the Indoor Air Quality

When your furnace conditions the air in your home, the warm air circulates contaminants. If the system is not working efficiently, it may fail to capture allergens and pollutants. Indoor pollution can result from leaky ductwork, clogged filters, or grime on components.

As your system starts to age, it loses its capacity to manage pollutants. That’s why it is advisable to observe routine maintenance more frequently if your heating is approaching the end of its lifetime. Upholding your home’s indoor air quality protects loved ones with allergies or respiratory conditions.

A furnace maintenance process will clean grime and dirt off the system’s components. Licensed professionals have the know-how to handle critical components with minimal risk of damage.

Certified maintenance technicians can examine your ductwork for leaks and clogging. By addressing issues within the duct system, the air circulating inside your home is free from contaminants.

Extend Your System’s Lifespan

Your furnace can last up to 20 years. But if you skip fall maintenance, your heating unit will fail at a much faster rate. A tune-up addresses malfunctions and inefficiencies, which result in less stress exerted on your equipment.

Additionally, a professional will fix issues before they trigger other problems in your heating system. Even improper connections can damage critical components. At the earliest stages, most of the faults are easy to fix. Therefore, fall furnace maintenance is an investment for your system.

By observing annual maintenance, you will be protecting your manufacturer’s warranty. Most brands have terms with limitations for parts they cover. One condition is that you must stick to an annual tune-up routine by a certified professional.

Some components can be expensive to replace. An annual tune-up service ensures your warranty is valid when critical parts of the system break down. Timely replacements will prevent further problems and extend the life of your equipment.

Lower Your Monthly Utility Bills

A tune-up involves fine-tuning components of the heating system to keep your furnace efficient. The process ensures you can condition temperatures with minimal stress on your furnace.

When efficient, your equipment will be using energy only when it is necessary. As a result, you will be consuming less fuel, which will cut down your monthly utility bills.

For example, leaky ductwork lets warm air escape from the interior. Your furnace runs more frequently, trying to compensate for the energy losses. According to EPA, you could be losing up to 20% of the energy in your home through such leaks.

A maintenance technician can spot ductwork leaks and insulation problems and recommend viable solutions. Cleaning and sealing can address energy losses before winter when your furnace will be working most of the time.

Fall furnace maintenance will also ensure the thermostat and other components of the system are working correctly. A professional can calibrate your thermostat and offer insights on energy savings. If the device is faulty, a technician can troubleshoot it or help you get a replacement.

During the maintenance service, you may choose to replace your thermostat with a programmable device. Some devices can change the settings just before you get home. It can connect to your smartphone to alert you of a change in weather so that you can prepare.

A programmable device can generate a report of your energy consumption. You may choose to customize settings to enhance comfort for the whole family. Polar Air & Heating, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of smart thermostats for your home in Las Vegas. We can help you find a custom option suitable for your home.

If you need a quality tune-up service in Las Vegas, you can turn to Polar Air & Heating, Inc.. We are Lennox Premier Dealers, but we can service virtually all brands of heating equipment. Our team has experience offering solutions for indoor air quality and ductless mini-split systems. When you call our staff, you can expect us to be prompt and fix the problem right the first time. Contact our help desk for more on our comprehensive furnace maintenance plans in Las Vegas.

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