April 17, 2023
Central HVAC condenser and a Mini-Split Unit in Las vegas, NV

For many homeowners, the traditional choice for cooling and heating has been central HVAC systems. This option consists of a big unit outside your house that moves heated or conditioned air through your duct system into your living space. You control the whole system using one thermostat, usually set to a specific temperature.

But in recent times, a significant number of people have started opting for mini-split units instead of conventional units. These new systems work similarly to the traditional ones but don’t rely on ductwork to circulate air in your home. The external unit can connect to up to six air handlers in different areas inside your house. Let’s get into the six reasons why ductless mini-splits are a good alternative for your home.

1. Energy Efficiency

One of the top reasons mini splits systems are a good option is their high energy efficiency levels. Ductless units have inverter technology that allows them to generate hot or cool air for your space with very little energy. Each unit manages the temperatures in a specific room in your house, using the least amount of energy. You can even turn off a unit in an unoccupied or rarely used room. Moreover, these units have variable-speed compressors, which allow them to run as little or as much as needed.

Conventional heating and cooling systems account for a significant energy loss as air travels through the ductwork. There may also be additional energy loss in case the ducts have damages, holes, leaks, or other forms of deterioration. You can save up to 30% of energy consumption in your home when using mini-split systems compared to central HVAC units.

2. Zoning Capabilities

Depending on your home’s heating and cooling needs, you can choose a single or multi-zone ductless system. Single-zone systems have an outdoor compressor connected to one internal unit, while in multi-zone systems, the outdoor component connects to several indoor units. With a single-zone system, you can use the indoor unit to control the temperature in a specific room. Multi-zone units, on the other hand, allow you to adjust temperatures in each space without impacting other areas. This system is ideal for houses with multiple levels or rooms and helps eliminate the problem of temperature inconsistencies.

You cannot enjoy the same level of flexibility when using a central HVAC unit. These traditional systems work by heating or cooling the entire house, which may sometimes be unnecessary. Although some homeowners try to modify ducts using dampers, more heated or cooled air from the central HVAC system still reaches the selected spaces.

3. Simple Installation

Installing mini-split units in your home is a much easier process. In fact, the whole process can take about two to three days with the help of a professional. They only need to drill a small hole through a wall where the refrigerant line runs. Since many mini-split brands come with a variety of refrigerant line lengths, you can place the compressor in a convenient area and run the lines to the other side of the house.

A team of professionals can take up to a week to install the traditional HVAC system. It can even take longer for homes that don’t have ductwork. Installing ducts and vents involves tearing down parts of the wall and ceiling. After ductwork gets installed, the damaged areas are then repaired and painted. This also means you’ll incur more installation costs and take longer to get back to normal scheduling.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality

Homeowners using ductless mini-split units may experience higher indoor air quality than those using conventional HVAC systems. A mini-split unit has a multi-stage filtration system that reduces bacteria, dust, and other allergens in your space. Plus, ductless systems help in dehumidification by gradually pulling excess moisture from the air. This way, your room stays safe and comfortable throughout the day.

For central HVAC systems, indoor air pollutants such as pollen, dust mites, bacteria, mold, and pest droppings can quickly build up inside the ductwork. These pollutants eventually enter your home through leaks or during normal system operation. Without professional duct cleaning and maintenance, these pollutants will continue circulating in your home, leading to headaches, fatigue, respiratory illnesses, and eye and nose irritations.

5. Quiet Operation

Mini-splits are a good alternative if the noise level is a major determinant when choosing your home’s heating and cooling system. In fact, ductless units are one of the quietest systems in the HVAC industry. No matter the temperature level in your home, these systems will keep your indoor space comfortable with undetectable noise. Also, the compressor is less noisy, so it doesn’t cause major distractions even when placed near your backyard, bedroom window, or neighbor’s house.

When using a central HVAC system, there is noticeable noise, especially as the unit turns on. Still, there is audible noise as cool or hot air moves through the ductwork and vents to different spaces in your house.

6. Ease of Maintenance

Ductless systems are easier to maintain compared to conventional HVAC units. Mini-splits are smaller and have fewer parts, making it easier for a professional to perform maintenance tasks. The only concern for most ductless units is changing the filters depending on the usage level. Experts recommend changing the filters every four to six weeks if you use the unit throughout the year. Also, keep leaves, vegetation, and other debris away from the external unit.

On the other hand, ducted heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape. The maintenance process is also more complex and takes a longer time. Apart from assessing the HVAC unit, professionals also take time to clean and inspect possible leaks or holes in the ducts and seal them.

Seek Professional Assistance from the Top HVAC Professionals

Indoor comfort should be a priority for any homeowner. This means you should make an informed decision when choosing your home’s heating and cooling system. While central HVAC systems have been in the market for a considerable time now, the rise in popularity of mini-splits is evident. From the above, ductless systems have a significant advantage over traditional ones because they are more energy efficient, less noisy, easier to maintain, and have simpler installation and zoning capabilities.

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