Heat Pump Maintenance in Henderson, NVAre you considering heat pump maintenance for your home in Henderson, NV? We’ve found that it doesn’t take much to convince homeowners that they should get a heat pump tune-up at least twice a year. For some, it’s the realization that their warranty will become void without it; for others, it’s the thought of boosting energy efficiency and lowering their monthly bill.

    There are other benefits that you’ll want to be aware of. A well-maintained heat pump will run more smoothly, which means no loud, obnoxious noises during operation and no issues with the temperature of the air that’s blown out. You won’t experience cold spots in winter or warm spots in the summer, and your system won’t cycle too rapidly or too long. The heat pump will do its job without much danger of breaking down when you need it most. You’ll save money by not needing so many repairs. Lastly, you’ll extend the life of your heat pump, hopefully to the maximum 20 years.

    Heat Pump Maintenance Experts in Henderson

    Now that you know the advantages of maintenance, you want to have a clear idea of what it involves. A tune-up takes but a couple of hours of your time, though you should note that the technician may recommend a separate appointment for a given repair job. You’ll be under no obligation, of course, to go through with that repair.

    Maintenance can be broken down into the visual inspection and the fixes. The inspection covers all parts of the heat pump, including the indoor air handler, the outdoor compressor, and the ductwork extending to every room. Our technicians will look for abnormalities like leaks in the ducts or refrigerant lines, old or loose wiring, and misaligned parts.

    There are other tasks our technicians will perform.
    • Replace the air filter
    • Clean the coils
    • Test for proper airflow
    • Calibrate the thermostat

    While homeowners are encouraged to take on some maintenance tasks themselves, especially the filter replacement, many of these require the trained eyes and ears of an HVAC technician.

    Your Local Heat Pump Tune-Up Company

    Your Local Heat Pump Tune-Up CompanyLook no further than Polar Air & Heating, Inc. for highly experienced technicians who can perform a heat pump tune-up twice a year. We’ve been serving Las Vegas since 1998, and we have many satisfied customers in Henderson as well. We’re located in Las Vegas at the corner of West Smoke Ranch Road and North Tenaya Way.

    We set ourselves apart from the competition with our service agreement. Sign up for it, and you’ll get priority scheduling, zero overtime charges, and a 20% discount on any repairs that crop up in between our maintenance visits.

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    For more information, contact Polar Air & Heating, Inc. today! We can also handle your heat pump installation or replacement as well.