Heat Pump Installation in North Las Vegas, NVPolar Air & Heating, Inc. is one of the best heat pump installation companies in North Las Vegas, NV. Heap pumps are a crucial part of your home’s heating and cooling systems. They work by transferring heat from one part of the building to another using minimal amounts of energy.

    Before you call a professional, you need to know why you need to install a heat pump. You can install a new heat pump to replace your old one for comfort, for aesthetics, or to save on energy costs. You also need to determine your budget and the best heat pump for your home.

    North Las Vegas’s Heat Pump Installation

    The installation determines how energy efficient the system will be, how much heat it will produce, and how long it will last. Before installation, you need to upgrade the insulation of your house and fix any air leaks. That increases the efficiency of the heat pump. Professionals should also inspect your home to determine how suitable your home is for a heat pump.

    Doing so helps them identify if they need to install any additional components before installing the heat pump. You need to consider the size of the heat pump that is best for your premises. For that, you need to know the size of your house and your duct system. The duct system determines how much air can get through them. Sometimes, you might need to install a new duct system for your heat pump to be most effective.

    North Las Vegas's Heat Pump InstallationFinally, you need to determine the type of heat pump that’s best for you. These determine where the heat pumps will get the air. The most common types are air pumps and ground pumps. Air pumps get air from outside the premises, while ground heat pumps get air from the ground. Depending on the type and complexity of the heat pump systems, it takes between three and eight days to install.

    Benefits of installing a heat pump in your home:
    • Keeps home eco-friendly
    • Save on energy bills
    • Provide cooling during hot months and heat during cold months

    Getting a New Heat Pump in North Las Vegas

    If you’re in North Las Vegas and want the best services for installing a heat pump in your home, Polar Air & Heating, Inc. is the best solution. We have been in business since 1998, which has given us extensive experience with all types of heat pumps. We are a BBB-accredited business committed to helping our clients meet their heating needs. Our employees have undergone the proper training and have the required skills and knowledge to deliver unmatched assistance.

    We have financing options for certain services, and also offer heat pump repair and maintenance. If you want to book an appointment with us or ask any questions, you can reach us on our customer care line 24/7.

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