Ductless Mini-Split in Summerlin, NVIf you have a small home in Summerlin and don’t want to lose any ceiling/flooring space to ductwork, then you may want to consider a ductless AC in Summerlin, NV. Removing the ductwork in your Summerlin home can help you gain ceiling space and increase the size of your rooms making areas like the basement more than just small utility spaces. At the same time, ductless AC systems offer the same and sometimes even more cooling power than traditional units, making a ductless mini-split well worth your time and consideration.

    Ductless AC System Vs. Traditional AC Units

    If you are looking at various AC options, the most obvious difference is the fact that one relies on ductwork and one does not. Both traditional and ductless AC systems require an outdoor unit, but the ductless mini-split system connects to it via just refrigerant piping and electrical cabling instead of via ductwork. The end result is that you save up to 20-30% of the cool air that is lost via ductwork. This makes a ductless AC system incredibly energy-efficient which is one reason why our customers frequently inquire about their use. In the Mojave Desert, you need an AC system that can perform at maximum capacity throughout the summer and fall months, and our ductless mini-split systems are up to the job.

    Advantages of a ductless mini-split:

    • Increased energy-efficiency
    • Enhanced temperature control
    • Easy installation
    • Improved air quality
    • Fits most homes

    Turn to Us to Learn More About Ductless AC Systems

    Turn to Us to Learn More About Ductless AC SystemsIf this is your first time learning about ductless AC systems it is understandable if you have questions. At Polar Air & Heating, Inc. we have answers. We have served the Summerlin area steadily for the past 20+ years and are known for our honest and straightforward approach to HVAC repairs and installation. We offer all of our clients a free consultation visit where you can inquire about ductless AC systems and learn if they are a viable option for your home based on its individual size and scope. Our trained staff members know their way around ductless mini-split systems and are ready and prepared to answer any questions or review the installation process so that you can prepare your home for a modern cooling solution. If you decide that a traditional AC unit is the better choice, Polar Air & Heating, Inc. can handle that as well making us your one-stop home cooling solution.

    Learn more about the home cooling solutions we offer including ductless AC systems by calling Polar Air & Heating, Inc. today.