November 10, 2020

A home heating system could last for many years. For some homeowners, the news that a “high-mileage” heating system may last longer comes off as good news. Spending money to replace a furnace or to perform other home-related tasks isn’t something people look forward to doing. That’s not because they don’t want to make upgrades; they might just find it costly to do so. However, it’s important that you keep in mind that it may be more costly and risky not to make a home heating system upgrade.

Old systems aren’t always the most reliable. Performance issues may arise at the worst time. Would it not be better to procure and to install a new furnace before things take a turn for the worst? Many homeowners may agree with this sentiment, but they might not be aware of the coming signals that mark a turning point. Here are some signs that may indicate it’s time for a new heating system.

1. The Expiration Date Soon Approaches

No matter how little you use a furnace or how much preventive maintenance you employ, a furnace eventually stops working. After a certain number of years, everything wears out. A furnace might last anywhere from 10 to 15 or even 20 years. Some models could last as long as 30 years.

How well you take care of the heating system and how hard it works factors into the lifespan. If you run the furnace all winter set at 70 degrees and reside in a six-bedroom home, the unit will work harder than it would if you ran it at 60 degrees for part of the winter in a two-bedroom home. Regardless, the system can’t last forever. Research your system’s life expectancy, and plan on performing upgrades when the “end of days” seems a short distance away.

2. High Energy Bills

When worried about the costs of upgrading a system, it may be worthwhile to look at the costs associated with keeping the old system. If the monthly bills appear higher than usual yet the system’s use remains consistent with previous years, chances are that the old parts aren’t performing as they should. The system may continue to drain energy to operate, which runs up heating bills.

More electricity and more fuel lead to higher costs. Consider the money saved as a form of “discount” on the new system. Saving hundreds of dollars each year for several years adds up. You probably won’t save enough money to pay the entire new furnace off, but you could save a decent figure. Remember, years and savings add up. Maybe now is the time for a change. Polar Air & Heating, Inc. offers heating and cooling services to Las Vegas residents. We provide furnace and AC installation, repair, and maintenance services.

3. Repair Costs Increase

Routine maintenance becomes necessary to extend the life of a furnace. Imagine not replacing the filter on time. Repeatedly using old, dirty, and clogged filters could wear down parts in the system. That would create additional repairs that might have been avoidable. Even when performing necessary services, such as inspections and cleanings, the system may start to falter. The unit could end up blowing cold air, having its fan malfunction, seeing its cables and coils require replacing, cycling on and off, or outright breaking down.

Problems can and do occur, which is why repair professionals remain in demand. How often are repair technicians called to homes? If their visits become frequent, then the system can cost you a great deal of money. Perhaps the constant repair requests won’t end, either. Any machine that ceases to be reliable might not be worth keeping. Instead, an upgrade may make more sense.

4. The Interior Doesn’t Heat Up Like It Should

A heating system’s primary purpose involves raising a home’s temperature to the desired level. More specifically, the heating should occur within a reasonable amount of time and should reflect even distribution. When it takes “forever” for the house to heat up, something might not be working as it should. When sections in the home do not get equal distribution of warm air, you should be concerned. Do the vents and ducts need work, or is there another problem worth investigating?

Maybe a technician will discover a minor issue that requires a one-time fix. If the problems persist and the heating system is an old one, then the issues may not go away. Perhaps the furnace needs to replaced with a brand-new system.

5. Noise Comes From the System

In general, the furnace should run smoothly and should not make any strange noises. If it does, there may be issues with one or more parts. The noises may vary, as the system could squeak, rumble, and otherwise sound strange. The key point here is that the system isn’t running as it should. Repairs could fix the issues, but when the same problems turn up again, it may be time to look for a new system.

6. Excess Humidity or Dryness in the Home

A little bit of humidity might not raise alarms, but when the level becomes oddly high, then you should feel concerned. The same is true of dry air. When such problems become impossible to ignore, the HVAC system, both its heating and cooling functions, might not be up to the task anymore.

Excess humidity and dryness could make a home quite uncomfortable. Even a small amount of either might annoy residents and even affect sinuses. Why go through such discomforts? When the furnace causes trouble, maybe it is time to call an HVAC service and ask about new models.

7. Partial Upgrades

It is worth mentioning that partial upgrades could help address some woes. Installing a smart thermostat may limit a furnace’s operation to specific times of the day or even days of the week. The option is worth considering, but it might not be advisable if the heating unit is too old or suffers too much wear. If the system could still run for a few more years, installing a smart thermostat may work. Discuss such plans with an HVAC technician after an inspection. The technician can provide insights into how much life the system has left or if it needs any work. This is a reason why signing up for a routine maintenance plan might be wise.

8. Selling a Home

A new heating system could prove attractive to potential buyers. If you sell your home a few years after the initial purchase, the new furnace might appeal to buyers. After all, they won’t need to upgrade the system at their own cost. The house might even sell more quickly, saving the seller on taxes, insurance, and more. Upgrading to a new heating unit could have unforeseen benefits.

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