Your Pahrump, NV home needs routine AC maintenance to be part of your overall home maintenance plan. Why? Because nothing ruins your AC system faster than dust, dirt, and oily grime building up within your system’s moving parts. Your air conditioner filters a lot of air through it each day. That air is dusty. Especially when the filter isn’t changed often enough. The dust builds up and turns into a grimy sludge that causes friction within the moving parts of your system. That friction is what wears the parts inside your system down causing them to break or become too worn to continue working properly. Routine air conditioner cleaning not protects your investment, but it also improves the air quality in your home.

    Why You Need AC Maintenance for Your Home in Pahrump

    Weathering the Pahrump summer heat probably isn’t on your bucket list. We all love our AC. Going without it is simply not an option, but if we want to make sure we don’t end up with a broken-down system we have to learn to take care of our systems. Air conditioner cleaning is important for keeping it running properly and avoiding breakdowns. There are important parts of your system that need to be routinely cleaned, such as the air conditioner fins, and the condenser fan. Proper lubrication is also necessary. Air conditioner cleaning can help your system to run efficiently, and improve its longevity. AC maintenance can keep your energy bills down, help you avoid unexpected repairs, and improve your home’s air quality. When a professional HVAC technician performs AC maintenance, they can check that each part of your system is working effectively in addition to cleaning it, changing the filters, and properly lubricating your system.

    The Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance Makes it a No-Brainer for Homeowners
    • Better efficiency for your system
    • Lower energy bills
    • Better home air quality
    • Prevents break downs from happening unexpectedly
    • Lengthens the lifespan of your AC system

    The Best HVAC Company for Air Conditioner Cleaning

    Are you looking for the best air conditioner cleaning in Pahrump? Polar Air & Heating, Inc. has you covered. Since 1998, we’ve been serving the area with excellent heating and cooling solutions. The desert gets extremely hot during the summer months, but the winters can also be cold. A reliable heating and cooling company is important for keeping up with your HVAC repairs, installations, and AC maintenance. At Polar Air & Heating, Inc. our commitment to our customers is unmatched. We’re a BBB-Accredited business with an A+ rating. We’re also a Lennox Premier Dealer, and offer our customers a lowest price guarantee on all of our Lennox Equipment. We’re Energy Star Certified and a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer. Keeping a close eye on your AC unit is a very important part of ensuring your units health. Here are some reasons why your AC system might be leaking water.

    If you need an HVAC company with a proven track record for AC maintenance, Polar Air & Heating, Inc. is here for you. Reach out to our team today!

    Not looking for AC maintenance? We also provide expert heating maintenance, AC repair and AC installation services.