Mini-Splits in Paradise, NVDuctless mini-splits are a type of AC solution that can be placed individually in multiple rooms of your Paradise, NV home. They provide zoned temperature cooling which is one reason why they are popular in the Paradise region. However, the immediate draw of ductless systems is the fact that, like the name implies, they do not require extensive ductwork to work.

    In fact, you do not need any ductwork to access your cooling system when you choose to go with ductless mini-splits because they are much smaller and less intrusive, and inexpensive to maintain compared to ducted central cooling systems. For this reason, they are great options for homeowners that need new ductwork who want to reduce the costs of installation, or to add as supplemental cooling in areas of your home that need air conditioning during the summer.

    Are Ductless Systems More Energy-Efficient?

    Another reason why so many of our customers choose ductless systems is that they are extremely energy-efficient. While you will need the help of air conditioning specialists at Polar Air & Heating, Inc. to install ductless mini-splits, once installed the system is extremely energy-efficient compared to traditional central AC units in Paradise. Cooling costs are expensive during the summers in the Mojave desert where temperatures regularly reach triple digits during the summer months. Ductless systems can reduce your cooling costs due to their temperature-controlled zones. Areas of the home that are not frequented during the day or night can have their zones turned off, saving you money without sacrificing your comfort in other areas of your Paradise home.

    Benefits of ductless systems include:

    • High energy efficiency
    • Modern appearance
    • Remote control access
    • Long system lifespans
    • Simple installation process

    Choose a Professional for AC Mini-Split Installation in Paradise, NV

    Choose a Professional for AC Mini-Splits Installation in ParadiseThe efficiency of your mini-split largely depends on the skill of the installer, which is why you should always turn to Polar Air & Heating, Inc. for help with your ductless system installation. Polar Air & Heating, Inc. has served the Paradise area since 1998 and is well-versed with the special needs of our desert clients. We understand the importance of reliable cooling systems, which is why we offer both traditional and ductless mini-splits to our customers so that they can choose the best fit for their homes. As the recipient of the Best HVAC Company in Las Vegas award by Expertise for the last two years, we take pride in offering affordable cooling solutions to all of our Paradise customers.

    Ready to change the way your home cools? Call Polar Air & Heating, Inc. to schedule a free consultation and see if ductless systems are the right choice for you.