Light Commercial Refrigeration in North Las Vegas, NVPolar Air & Heating, Inc. is proud to provide the highest quality light commercial refrigeration services to business owners in North Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. North Las Vegas is famous for its sweltering heat. That means that the demand for cold and refreshing ice fresh foods and soft drinks is exceptionally high. Whether you own a salon, hotel, restaurant, entertainment joint, gift shop, or retail store, you need functional commercial refrigeration equipment to keep your clients happy.

    Unfortunately, reach-in coolers, food display cases, walk-in freezers, ice machines, or other refrigeration units are vulnerable to damage due to lack of maintenance, component failure, or everyday wear and tear. A faulty unit increases your risk of lost revenue, spoilt food, and melted frozen foods. If your commercial cooler or freezer isn’t functioning as well as it should, call our experienced technicians. We will inspect your unit and provide the best solution for your individual business needs.

    North Las Vegas Commercial Refrigeration

    Your commercial refrigeration is an invaluable source of revenue and customer satisfaction for your business. You rely on your commercial refrigerators to supply your customers with cool beverages and fresh food items. Not only that, but your unit can also boost your revenue through last-minute impulse purchases. A faulty commercial refrigerator can result in loss of revenue and poor reputation. Additionally, it might result in spoiled perishable foods and costly repairs.

    Fortunately, you can take advantage of our professional maintenance services to prolong the life of your commercial freezers or coolers. Our experienced technicians will clean your unit and lubricate all the moving parts. We will also inform you of any issue that might hinder the performance of your unit.

    North Las Vegas Commercial Refrigeration

    There are a few recognizable signs that your freezer or cooler is about to break down.
    • Insufficient cooling
    • Motor running loudly
    • Abnormal ice formation
    • Fluctuating temperatures
    • Puddles inside or around your unit

    Fluctuating temperatures might result from a faulty thermometer, evaporator, fan, or condenser. Although your commercial refrigerator might work despite the fault, it is best to call for an emergency repair service.

    Trustworthy Light Commercial Refrigeration

    As a Google-guaranteed business, we guarantee extra protection to our customers. Polar Air & Heating, Inc. has earned this designation thanks to our record of high customer satisfaction and quality work. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to fix any make or model of commercial refrigerators.

    Whether your business is located near Las Vegas Boulevard or any other street in North Las Vegas, our technicians are ready to provide 24/7 emergency repair services to get your business back to normal operation immediately. We have innovative tools and expertise to work with any refrigeration equipment.

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    If your cooler or freezer is acting up, let our experienced technicians protect your inventory and revenue. Contact Polar Air & Heating, Inc. in North Las Vegas today.