May 9, 2023
AC Maintenance InLas Vegas, NV

Summers in Las Vegas are hard to survive without a quality air conditioner. Despite the importance of this appliance, many Las Vegas residents don’t give their air conditioners a second thought. However, servicing your air conditioner is one of the most important home maintenance items you can take on. To better understand how important it is to service your air conditioner regularly, check out this insider guide from your friends at Polar Air & Heating, Inc..

What’s Involved in Air Conditioner Servicing?

There are a lot of details involved in servicing your air conditioner. There are a few components of maintenance that you can take care of yourself. For example, it’s essential to change the air filter regularly. You should also work to keep debris away from the outdoor condenser unit so that it can adequately expel heat energy. Other aspects of air conditioner maintenance need to be completed by a professional from Polar Air & Heating, Inc.. A certified HVAC technician will clean the interior components of your HVAC system, check the refrigerant levels, tighten loose electrical connections, and perform other maintenance items. When you work together with your HVAC company, both you and your HVAC system will benefit.

Longer Service Life

One major reason to take good care of your air conditioner is to help extend its service life. A new air conditioner represents a significant investment that most homeowners prefer to put off for as long as possible. Properly servicing your air conditioner can give your system a better chance of reaching or exceeding its expected service life. This helps spread out your initial investment over a more extended period of time. This also gives you extra time to save for a new system to make this cost easier to fit into your monthly budget.

Lower Energy Costs

A well-maintained air conditioner typically uses less electricity than a poorly maintained system. One big reason for this is that a well-maintained air conditioner can cool your home more effectively, allowing your home to reach your desired temperature more quickly. When the air handler is free from dust, it can sense the volume of air that’s flowing through your system more accurately. This helps your system to regulate heat extraction and dehumidification more accurately, resulting in shorter and less-frequent operating cycles and directly translating to lower energy costs.

Fewer Breakdowns

On a hot summer day in Las Vegas, the last thing you want to happen is for your air conditioner to stop working. Fortunately, if you regularly service your air conditioner, the chance of a system breakdown is much lower. That’s because a professional HVAC technician from Polar Air & Heating, Inc. can catch minor problems during regular servicing that can cause system failures if the problems don’t receive immediate attention. For example, a blower fan that’s slightly off balance might not seem like a big deal. However, if the cause of the problem isn’t addressed, the unusual motion of the fan can destroy the fan and its case. With no blower fan, you’ll have to wait for a major repair before you can enjoy cool air again. However, if you catch this problem early, it’s typically a quick and easy fix.

More Consistent Cooling

Another benefit you’ll receive when you regularly service your air conditioner is that your entire home will stay at a more consistent temperature. When your air conditioner and ductwork are in good working order, these components can push cold air further so that it can find its way to the far reaches of your home. If you have certain rooms in your home that always seem to be too warm, it could be because your air conditioner needs some attention. You’ll also notice that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as much between operating cycles, meaning you can enjoy consistent comfort throughout the day. One reason your home will stay more consistently comfortable when your air conditioner isn’t running is that a well-maintained air conditioner can remove humidity from the air more effectively. Without humidity, the air in your home will feel more comfortable, even as the temperature rises.

Maintain Cleaner Air

It’s unfortunate that the air in many homes is less healthy than the air outside. To avoid allergies and illnesses, you should regularly service your air conditioner. When your air conditioner operates, it removes humidity from the air. This moisture first collects on the metal evaporator coil. When excess amounts of moisture collect on the coil, water droplets fall from the coil into the condensate pan. This pan drains out of your home through the condensate drain. If any component involved in this process is dirty or clogged, you could end up with unhealthy air in your home due to mold or mildew growth. To clean the evaporator coil, it’s best to enlist the help of Polar Air & Heating, Inc.. However, you can clean the condensate drain yourself by pouring a solution of bleach and water down the drain at least once a year.

Lower Operating Costs

When you install a new air conditioner, it’s important to consider the total operating costs over the lifetime of the system. When you allow Polar Air & Heating, Inc. to maintain your system, it’s likely that your overall operating costs will be lower. That’s because a well-maintained system tends to have fewer issues requiring repair. Even if these issues are simple and don’t completely stop your system from working, the costs of parts and labor can add up over time. A well-maintained system is better able to keep its original parts since there’s less friction and strain put on the system. When you add in the lower energy costs you receive when you maintain your air conditioner, the savings can really add up.

When To Schedule Maintenance

With so many benefits to be gained from proper air conditioner maintenance, the question is not “if” but “when” you should schedule a maintenance appointment with Polar Air & Heating, Inc.. Early spring is a popular time for air conditioner maintenance because the warmer temperatures are a good reminder that summer is just around the corner. If you want to have more flexibility in your scheduling, you might want to consider scheduling your summer maintenance appointment at the end of winter since that’s a less popular time for maintenance visits. If you have a heat pump that heats and cools your home, you can schedule a maintenance visit at any time since you use your system so often.

Your Home Comfort Team

At Polar Air & Heating, Inc., we know how important a comfortable home is to our customers. That’s why we maintain air conditioners, repair furnaces, and install heat pumps. We also install humidifiers, air purifiers, germicidal UV lights, and other air purification equipment. In addition, we provide commercial HVAC services for businesses throughout the region. With over 20 years of service to this community, you can count on us to deliver exceptional results. Our consistent commitment to excellence is one big reason we consistently receive five-star customer reviews. To learn more about taking care of your air conditioner, contact us at Polar Air & Heating, Inc. today.

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