Here in the Mojave Desert, we spend a lot of time indoors where air purifiers in Summerlin, NV can be a real blessing. They pull pollutants and allergens from the air that come from the outside air like grass pollen, smoke arriving from the west, and city smog.

    An air purification system from Polar Air & Heating, Inc. can also play a major role in removing indoor pollutants including cleaning and remodeling fumes, cooking odors and grease, cigarette smoke, pet dander, toxic mold spores, and much more. Studies show that indoor air can be five times as bad as outdoor air for our breathing, and when we keep our homes shut tight that makes a lot of sense in Summerlin.

    Highly Effective Air Purifiers in Summerlin

    Highly Effective Air Purifiers in SummerlinThe HVAC equipment we install comes from companies that also offer air purifiers designed to optimize indoor air. They address airborne particles and also chemicals such as VOCs that linger in indoor air and affect your home’s inhabitants. Conditions like allergies, asthma, and COPD can benefit from having the burden of indoor air pollution reduced by an air purification system. As long-term providers of top-quality HVAC systems here, we have extensive knowledge of what our customers find in their indoor air, and we can also arrange testing to be sure. Our indoor air quality systems are carefully tailored to your needs, combining air purification systems with moisture and pathogen control. We have access to some of the best air purifier systems for our customers, including essential ozone reduction systems that address one of our area’s biggest air quality concerns for both indoor and outdoor air.

    Whole-house air purifiers help remove:
    • Grass pollen
    • Smoke drifting into our area from the west
    • Chemical fumes
    • Pet dander
    • Toxic mold spores
    We also offer air purification services in:

    Your Expert Air Purification System Provider

    Your Expert Air Purification System ProviderAs a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and Lennox Premier Dealer, Polar Air & Heating, Inc. is a trusted source of high-quality HVAC systems and features for our customers in Summerlin. These companies have been working hard to address major air quality concerns including ozone, and we supply their latest air purification innovations. Our HVAC team goes far beyond simply heating and cooling your air, reducing indoor air quality issues and balancing moisture so you feel great and breathe better. You can trust our team of fully qualified, NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians to keep you comfortable 24/7. We help your life in our desert climate feel a lot more like home.

    Could your indoor air in Summerlin use improvement from an air purification system? At Polar Air & Heating, Inc., we have excellent air purifiers for better indoor air. Call today!